Inhale and breathe…

I have recently felt very frustrated living here. Things that I’m used to being easy have been extremely frustrating. My main frustration has been banking, it has taken over three weeks for me to be able to sort out my banking issues. I finally thought everything was sorted until I went to an ATM this evening to be told that I had to contact the bank. Many of the ATMs have phones but of course my non existent Japanese meant that I couldn’t make the call.

My frustration is all down to the language and although I have mentioned it before, I really do appreciate the people who move to English speaking countries without having mastered the basics. Outside of work I rarely understand what anyone is saying to me and it limits me hugely. Luckily with the half term approaching I can organise lessons and my workplace will be offering classes in the Summer Term.

Having left Sydney I had a routine that I was used to and although I appreciate that I am in a different country I am struggling to even marginally emulate the same routine. I miss  working out in the mornings at F45 and the everyday mundane tasks I took for granted such as food shopping.

I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, it was my choice to leave Sydney and I am grateful for the experience of being able to teach over here but I am currently missing home – which is Sydney to me. I’m hoping once I start lessons I can feel like I connect more with the culture, the people and it will help me feel more settled.

Friday will be the last day of the Spring Term and I’m looking forward to the break. I will be going to Tokyo for a few days and it will be my first time travelling out of the Kansai region. I’m staying in the heart of Tokyo in Roppongi at a capsule hotel which I know will be an experience. I have plans to visit a few places but I know I’ll also spend time wandering the streets, eating food and getting lost!

I spent last weekend at a work seminar in Nagoya and I had my first experience on the Shinkansen. The Shinkansen is the bullet train and is considered quite fancy, you honestly do not feel like you are travelling at such high speeds. There is a an attendant who comes round with a food and drinks trolley, similar to a flight attendant. After each carriage they turn and bow to everyone. The ticket inspectors also did the same and it made me think how highly they respect each other in this country.

Not only did I experience the Shinkansen but also a typical ‘Japanese businessman hotel’. It was quite dated with a  pay as you go VHS machine, Nintendo 64 and some kind of ball game. Needless to say I sat and read my book.

One of my friends recently messaged me saying that I was the most positive person that she knew and although I don’t feel so positive now I hope the break will help to refresh my mindset.

The Shinkansen
A typical Japanese businessman hotel room
The entertainment system!
A typical Japanese breakfast

2 thoughts on “Inhale and breathe…

  1. Keep your head up! I hope this helps… You’re not the only one to feel a bit down. My first few weeks being away from what I’m used to was really hard. My first day travelling I actually got to my hotel and cried because my shower had no hot water, I was tired, missing home and my card had been blocked. Nightmare! Once I got used to everything it was great just the beginning was difficult. 🙂


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