Developing a Social Life

I remember having to submit a written assignment for the job I am currently in and having to write about how I would make Japan my new home. I had already lived in another country and I knew for me how important friends were so I’ve been working on expanding my social circle.

My work colleagues have been kind enough to involve me in activities and I am grateful however I would like to have my own group of friends too. I met almost all of my friends in Sydney via a website called meet up. It is a great site that connects people with similar interests. I looked on meet up almost immediately after moving and a lot of the events are based in Osaka. On weekends that’s fine but after work travelling twenty minutes on a train isn’t so appealing.

The first meet up I attended was an ‘Internationals Night’in a bar in Kobe. I was nervous and standing in the queue I thought I haven’t needed to put myself into a situation like this for a very long time. The entry fee included all you could drink so after getting a glass of wine I wandered around the room looking for anyone to smile or make eye contact. I settled with sitting on a couch next to girl and soon enough we began talking. She was really nice and we ended up talking and hanging out with more people as the night went on. The majority of the people I spoke to were Japanese. I did have a brief chat with an Aussie guy from the Central Coast. It was a fun evening and it was nice talking to different people and although I wouldn’t say I ‘clicked’ with any of them it was still nice to go out.

The second meet up I went to was with the same event group and this time it was in a bar in Osaka. Once again lining up in the queue my nerves ignited themselves and they had a right to because after walking down the tunnel and through the door I realised the event was in a nightclub! I felt so self conscious I went straight to the bar (shock horror) and thought about my options. I saw a group of girls and once again I asked if I could stand and talk with them, thank God they said yes and they were actually really fun. It seemed that with this particular event the men would arrive alone but not the girls. People I spoke to throughout the night were surprised I had come by myself. I think the men may have thought I had ulterior motives but I just explained that I am new to Japan and would like to meet new people. It turned out to be a really fun night and I exchanged details with a few people.

I love reading and always have done as a child. In Sydney I was part of a Book Club and I really enjoyed meeting up once a month to discuss the book so I decided to create my own. I had my first Book Club event and although only one person showed up it was nice to talk to someone who genuinely had the same interest as me. I have arranged another event for March and since then I have had two other ladies message me regarding the book which is exciting!

Yesterday I went to Karaoke for the first time in Japan for a work colleagues birthday. I love karaoke and my friends and I in Sydney would often end up in a karaoke bar (after a night of drinking)  singing away to 80 classics or musicals.  I’m always  a bit dubious when going out with work colleagues because I’m worried that after a few drinks I’ll forget I’m with colleagues and do or say something that I would do amongst friends. Well in true Ama style I had to provide entertainment and of course after multiple cocktails and bottles of sake the ‘real me’ came out.

The karaoke we went to supplied costumes so I thought I would be a beer can. The other girls wore a cute sailor dress, a leopard leotard and school uniform. I thought it appropriate to dance on the chairs with a tambourine in hand banging it on the wall and  to top it off I  also had a mishap whilst changing back into my jumpsuit. MY ZIP BROKE. One of the girls helped me out and I had to use a badge to keep my jumpsuit from falling down and salvage my modesty.

I’m pretty sure my work colleagues saw another side to me!


Karaoke fun!
Beer Can, Leopard and a Sailor

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