Bush Walks and Google Maps

I asked myself and a few friends living in Australia before leaving if they would prefer to live by the beach or the mountains. I had the privilege of being able to live by the beach for the past four years but here in Kobe I have both

Yesterday I ventured Nunobiki waterfalls,  it had been place I wanted to go for a while but due to bad weather I had been put off.

As the sun shone through my curtains I knew that it was going to be a good day to go! I entered my destination  into google maps and was ready to explore! I had been told that it wasn’t a far walk to the waterfalls and according to google it should have taken me forty minutes. An hour and a half later I was near Nunobiki Dam with no waterfall to be seen.

After a U turn and some consulting time with google I realiased I had walked straight past the sign indicating the path to the falls. Half an hour later and I had finally arrived! The waterfalls were pretty and the sound of the water falling upon the rocks was calming. I stayed for a while listening to the water and taking in the beauty of my surroundings.

Close by to the waterfalls is the Nunobiki Herb Garden which is located on Mt Rokko above Kobe. The easiest way to enter the Gardens is via the ropeway lift. I wouldn’t say I have a fear of heights but being in a glass pod ascending up a mountain left me feeling a little uneasy.

The herb garden was nice, a bit touristy and obviously because we are in winter there was a lack of flowers and an abundance of twigs. What was really nice was the greenhouse. The flowers and plants were lovely and they even had a special Valentine’s Day  display. The view from the greenhouse was really clear and I looked out onto the port.

I was knackered by the end of the day, I had spent a good six hours walking and exploring, I was lucky enough to have been invited for dinner by a colleague so I didn’t have to think about cooking. It was a fun evening and I didn’t get back home until after one in the morning.

Today I had a pretty lazy day, soaked in the bath, painted my nails and caught up with friends overseas. I had walked past a jazz cafe last week and they were advertising a live jazz afternoon with a saxophonist. After grabbing lunch in Chinatown I went to the cafe to check it out and it was really nice. The guy playing was good and it was such a relaxing atmosphere, I sat there drinking my tea and listened to him play.

Next weekend I’m off to Osaka for a work friend’s birthday and I’m looking forward to going and checking it out.


A bridge I shouldn’t have crossed whilst walking. It took me further into the wilderness and away from civilisation.
Nunobiki Dam
Nunobiki Waterfalls
Ascending the ropeway to the Herb Garden
My ‘happy’ face whilst riding the ropeway
Mother and Child statue at the greenhouse.
Valentine flower display.
Orange tree and Christmas flower in the greenhouse.

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