Life in Kobe!

Life in Kobe has been busy! I finally have the internet so I feel connected to the world again. It’s sad to say but searching for WiFi became a very important factor of my life! I was very lucky to have a work colleague (who is fluent in Japanese) come with me to sort it out so after two hours and a cold beverage I was sorted.

I have now started working and it’s been great so far. The children are really cute and I’m learning a lot about teaching children who have English as an additional language.

My work colleagues have been really accommodating and have included me in social activities. I was invited to watch the rugby on Saturday and it was lots of fun. I watched Kobe play Tokyo, we lost but it was good fun. I must admit that the crowd were particularly quiet, so quiet that I could hear what the players were saying to each other!

As a coffee lover I was told to bring my own because the standard doesn’t compare to Australia. I have ventured into Starbucks and have been pleasantly surprised. My first experience was having the option of buying wine. I obviously bought myself a hot apple wine and it was lush. My second experience made me aware of the level of service that the Japanese provide. I was offered a sample of the coffee of the day and after politely gesturing that I didn’t like it, I was asked what type of coffee I liked. I was taken to the cupboard where I was able to select my bean, I stood looking at the shelves for a while because I had no idea. My experience ended with the lady bringing me a cafeteria of coffee. I was very impressed not only with the service but the coffee too!!

My love of food has been satisfied, the food in Kobe is in abundance! With my limited Japanese I have been able to order food at restaurants. I may not have always known what I have ordered but food has always arrived at my table!

I went to an izakaya bar with work colleagues which was great. I finally ate sashimi along with other Japanese favourites one being karaage – fried chicken! You will find fried chicken everywhere. For a nation of people that are known to be of a slim nature there is a lot of fried food. It’s all very delicious but it’s making me so conscious that I’m eating all this yummy food and not working out.

I can finally join a gym now that I have a bank account. It took a while to set up, funnily enough the system here is very archaic. Everything is done by paper, when I was opened an account I was given a bank book! I couldn’t believe it.

I plan on checking out a few gyms and using some free passes over the next week and I honestly cannot wait.

Over the weekend it snowed and it was a bit surreal because it had been such a long time since I last saw snow. I had to buy heat packs for my body and feet to keep warm. I’m slowly acclimatising to the weather and I discovered heat -tech to keep warm.

I’m looking forward to another week of discovering new places to eat and things to do. I’m hosting dinner for work colleagues so I need to find a recipe!



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